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The Making of HMHmmmmm DigitalLife

We dreamed of an online magazine over a decade ago, but life kept intervening.

So many times, we would go to a wonderful place, or see a brilliant show and think how much we would like to review it, finding gems for other people was something we enjoyed. We were bothered by the lack of literature that was out there for families with a bigger number of children. We wanted information in one place about science developments, about literature, about art, the humanities, and we wanted articles integrating a holistic worldview that related to us and our life.

In short, we were thirsty. Thirsty for long articles about issues that interested us and gave us food for thought. Thirsty for something to read on a weekend morning. Thirsty for a wide range of content.

June 2018 – having bought the domain names, Tom set about updating his HTML skills and I got out the computer, camera and voice recorder and we began our big adventure as magazine creators.


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