Lyn is a writer, freelance editor, YouTube presenter, the voice of the Relax with Lyn guided relaxation audio collection, and a homeschooling parent with a sideline in Anthropology research. Lyn blogs at www.lynhaginmeade.com.

Tom is an IT specialist and an English graduate. He works in the development of world class, innovative technologies and programs for industry leaders. He has a passion for storytelling, graphics, animation, and AI, and was a collaborator and judge for the inaugural AI Awards, Ireland in November 2018. Tom blogs at www.tomhalton.com and on LinkedIn.

Tom and Lyn met, fell in love and started to plan a great business together…were wiped out by the Great Recession and focused on raising their 4 babies born in 4 ½ years. Following a move to Seattle, USA, and back, it took until 2018 to make HMHmmmmm magazine a reality.

We made the first issue of HMHmmmmm Magazine on a shoestring. Using an iMac, iPad, a PC, and our personal camera equipment. In the end, the months of hard work finally come together, after all the sleepless nights! The old saying that things always take twice as long as you expect, is true… sometimes even longer, but we are happy with the magazine.

There were 15 hour days and plenty of cups of coffee. HMHmmmmm has been a two person operation, with Tom running the web development and graphics, Lyn editing the content and social media. Together they worked on interviews and podcasts. For the YouTube’s, Lyn presented while Tom acted as videographer, sound engineer and visual editor.

Starting a new business has lots of tasks that don’t become visible in the finished product. Funding and business meetings, networking and the behind the covers work designing, writing, editing, and putting it all together to get it to you our reader has been a sometimes fraught but also fun, enterprise. We hope you enjoy the magazine and have your AHA! moments as we have while getting it to you.

The making of HMHmmmmm DigitalLife has above all been made possible by the understanding of our kids, who were home all summer with us and many times had to forsake our company for the sake of the magazine’s publication!


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