Lyn is a writer, freelance editor, YouTube presenter, the voice of the Relax with Lyn guided relaxation audio collection, and a homeschooling parent with a sideline in Anthropology research. Lyn blogs at www.lynhaginmeade.com.

Tom is an IT specialist and an Animation, Education and English graduate. He works in the development of world class, innovative technologies and programs for industry leaders. He has a passion for storytelling, graphics, animation, and AI, and has been a collaborator and judge for AI Awards, Ireland, since its inauguration in 2018. Tom blogs at www.tomhalton.com and on LinkedIn.

Lyn and Tom met, fell in love and started to plan a great business together…were wiped out by the Great Recession and focused on raising their 4 babies born in 4 ½ years. Following a move to Seattle, USA, and back, it took until late 2018 to make HMHmmmmm magazine a reality for you to read and (hopefully) enjoy today.

Tom and Lyn continue to develop HMHmmmmm Magazine and the wider efforts of HMHmmmmm Limited in Animation, Documentary and Film, entertainment together with building community efforts in sustainability, combating climate change, and hopefully helping to make our communities, society, and world, better for us all.