Blending Arts and Technology – the HMHmmmmm approach

We care about new technology. We are excited by how the world is changing around us in this new renaissance.

Just as CGI revolutionized the animation world, now virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have the potential to do the same. Like the ways in which the PC changed how we do business and the smart phone became our palm sized reference library, technology continues to bring us new wonders and tools.

New technology affects us all in profoundly human and cultural ways. The breakthroughs in science change the way we live. Our social and cultural history is bound up with technology, from the invention of the wheel, farming, the printing press, telecommunications, the computer.  We need to think about technology and how it informs and shapes our human world. We need to think about how technology and the arts work together to create new and amazing products and services.

HMHmmmmm has a vision of merging the sciences and the arts with the framework of the humanities. The blurring of these boundaries brings new possibilities for collaboration and new projects.

HMHmmmmm Magazine brings together ideas and synergies, from the science of growing terroir whiskey to the health and social benefits of Dark Skies. It encompasses the journeys of history and geography through maps and archiving to modern day AI real time mapping tools. It looks at the techniques re-framing how we shop, how we work, how we live and what it means in each area of our life.

HMHmmmmm’s new game, “VX”TM will bring together the worlds of astrophysics and cosmology, the best in up-to-date game design, VR & AR, with gamers and the entertainment world.

HMHmmmmm’s VR project: Add new experiences to the VR library, create new types of content

HMHmmmmm’s innovative SaaS platform will create a new platform for business and consultancy, levelling the consultancy playing field for all, providing value added data analysis and AI services for enhanced and results driven management.

HMHmmmm’s documentary and film projects blend the worlds of science, technology and arts, bringing compelling, entertaining, and thought provoking, stories to screens of all sizes in all locations.